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Week 1: Jags 16, Titans 14

by Eric Tellez for on 14 September 2011

Sometimes the numbers can fool you. When going over the stats for the Jags week one victory over the Titans it's easy to believe that Jacksonville dominated this game. They ran 24-more offensive plays (73-49), dominated in 3rd down conversions with 9 out of 18 while the Titans had only 4 out of 11, and had the ball nearly 20 minutes longer than the Titans.

But some of the other stats are little concerning. The two that stand out to me are 175-yards total passing by QB Luke McCown (it came out to something like 10-yards per completion) and 1 total offensive touchdown. Does having the ball an entire quarter and five minutes more than your opponent comfortably translate to a 2-point victory. I'm not sure that it does.

I'm happy with the victory, please don't misunderstand my intentions with this article, but I'm a little unnerved that a team can control so much of the tempo and speed of the game and still just barely walk away with a win. I know that this isn't going to sit well with the 4-corner offense traditionalists that will take a win anyway they can get it, people that believe that clock management is as much as part of success as the X's and O's. But can any fan seriously believe that a team would intentionally keep a game close just to benefit from the running down the time? Seems unlikely.

Next week the Jets come to town and the New York secondary is likely expecting to have a busy day. They are going to stack the box against Maurice Jones-Drew and dare the Jags to pass. Waiting for the opportunity to jump one of those long handoffs and turn it into 6-points. My solution, wide receiver double moves and McCown going deep early and often! Otherwise, it's going to be another game when controlling the ball doesn't necessarily equal points.

Eric Tellez is and independent football journalist from Las Cruces, NM. He has been a contributor for for two season and writes for every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You can reach him at to talk football anytime.


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